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Tsakhkadzor Ski Resort

Tsakhkadzor resort city is 55 km northeast from Yerevan, in a gorgeous area. The name Tsakhkadzor means, “gorge of flowers‿. Tsakhkadzor is located on an altitude of 1840 m from the sea level, on the eastern slope of Mount Teghenis. Lofty mountains and deep forests surround the city. Tsakhkadzor has a soft climate; the average air temperature in August is +18ºC and in January is –6ºC. The average annual precipitation is 600-700 mm with 2500 sunny hours in a year. People in the city are occupied mostly in service sector.

Tsakhkadzor is one of the main tourism and leisure centers in Armenia. It is famous for its numerous hotels, resort houses, camping and sport installations. In the near past, Tsakhkadzor was hosting the Main Winter Sports Olympic Center of the Soviet Union. Today Tsakhkadzor is a fast growing resort city, where new hotels, rest houses and leisure centers come up each year.

A marvelous monastery Kecharis, which comprises of two churches and two bell houses, is one of Tsakhkadzor treasures. The main church of the monastery the St. Grigor was built in 1013. The small bell house and burial vault of Grigor Magistros Pahlavuni, the founder of the monastery, is next to the church. In 2005 the Government of Armenia endorsed a special program for developing Tsakhkadzor into an international tourism center.

Tsakhkadzor Ropeway


Multi Rest House

Multi Rest House

 Available room type
 Pax  Rate for a night
 Double/Twin  room  2 28.000 -30.000 AMD
 Semi-luxe Double room  2  45.000 AMD
 Luxe Quadruple room  4 74.000 AMD
Two/Tree -storeyed 6/10       cottage  6/10 114.000 AMD 
 Family apartment  4  60.000 AMD






World of Gold  Resort

World of Gold Resort

Available room type
    Pax  Rate for a night
 Standart Single room       1  15.000 AMD
 Standard Double room       2  15.000 AMD
 Luxe Double room       2  25.000 AMD
 Family room       4  30.000 AMD






General Sport Complex

Sport Complex

 Available room type
            Pax  Rate for a night
 Single room          1  14.000 AMD
 Double room                             2  20.000 AMD
 Two room           2  25.000 AMD
 Luxe Quadruple room           4  70.000 AMD





Aliq  Resort

Aliq Resort

Available room type
 Pax  Rate for a night
 Standart Double/Twin room  2  15.000 AMD
  Sem-Luxe Triple room  3  21.000 AMD
  Luxe Quadruple room  4  40.000 AMD
 6 beds room  6  60.000 AMD
 Vip Cottage  5  60. 000  AMD





Tsaghkahovit Hotel

Available room type
 Pax  Rate for a night
  Single  room  1  10.000 AMD
  Sem-Luxe single  room  1  15.000 AMD
 Double /Twin room  2  15.000 AMD
 Semi -Luxe Double room  2  25.000 AMD
 Luxe room  2  38. 000  AMD






S.TAS Complex


Available room type
 Перс  Rate for a night
  Triple  Cottage  3  25.000-30.000 AMD
  Quadruple Cottage  4  27.000 -35.000AMD
  6-bad Cottege  6  30.000 -40.000 AMD




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