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No Armenian will believe that you have been to Armenia, but have not seen the Queen of Armenia, the blue Lake Sevan. Lake Sevan is one of the largest high altitude fresh lakes in the world. It is 1900 m above the see level. Nowdays many luxary hotels, rest houses and mensions are build on the shores of the lake. Lake Sevan is one of the most popular summer vacation destinations in Armenia. Both the locals and numberous tourists travel here to rest, to swim, to sunbath and to try the excellent Sevan trout.

The swimming season starts from mid-June and lasts till mid-September. During the summer the water temperature on its surface reaches 18° – 22°C. In the evening the air demperature drows and it is recommended to have warmer clothes. Lake Sevan is a high altitude lake and, if precautions are not taken, one can get sunburnt, so preventive measures are recommended.


Tufenkian Hotel

Available room type
 Pax  Rate for a night
Small Room  1         31,000
Large Room  1         46.000
Duplex  1         46.000
Suite  1         62.000
Small Room with Sevan view  1         38.000






 Bohemian Resort

Available room type
 Pax  Rate for a night
Standard Single  1         18,000
Standard Double / Twin  2         25.000
Club Suite (cottage)  4         50.000






Harsnaqar Hotel

Available room type
 Pax  Rate for a night
Economy Single/Dubie room  1/2  35,000-45,000
Business Double room /Twin room  2   50,000-55000  
Economy Twin room /Luxe Triple room  2/3   40,000-90,000
Mini cottage 1/2/3 room  2/2/4  28,000/55.000/90.000
Cottage 3 bedrooms /VIP room  6/4       100,000






Akhtamar Hotel

Available room type
 Pax  Rate for a night
Moderate Junior Suite  2 27,000 -30,000
Standart /Business/Deluxe room  2 30,000/40,000/50.000 
Silver Luxe  2 128,250 -150,000
Gold Luxe  2 209,250 -250,000
Yellow Suite  2 232,500 -300,000






     Blue Sevan

Available room type
 Pax  Rate for a night
Double C/Double /New floor department/  2 20,000-30,000
Double B/A room  2 24,000-30.000 
Semi-luxe A /B  3/4 33,000-36,000
Apartment B/A  3/5 40,000 -50,000
Double room /two-storey building/ Luxe in white building  2/3 35,000 -45,000






Gladzor Resort

Available room type
 Pax  Rate for a night
Cottage  4  22,000-25,000
Cottage  6   33,000-35000  






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