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In the north-eastern part of Armenia, at the meeting-point of t


he three picturesque valleys, on the banks of impetuous river Aghstev is the resort of Dilijan. Its vast territory occupies the woody gorges of the Aghstev basin and its two tributaries. The cliffy mountain slopes and peaks, deep gorges and splendid primeval forests stun with their beauty. An Armenian saying states: “If paradise had mountains, forests and springs, it would look like Dilijan”. The town is 1250-1500 m above sea level, 110 km away from Yerevan. Dilijan and its surrounding territory is a national preserve bordered by the Minor Caucasus mountain ranges covered with deciduous and coniferous forests. The woody-mountainous climate with light breezes, almost permanent moderate relative humidity of about 65 percent, warm winter and cool summer make this resort very popular. The clean mountain air is filled with the healing scent of pine-trees. Dilijan is rich with mineral springs as well, the quality of which is close to those of Borjomi water in Georgia and Vichi in France. In the outskirts of Dilijan are the masterpieces of Armenian architecture, the Haghartsin and Goshavank monasteries.


Haghartsin Hotel

Available room type  Pax  Rate for a night
Single/Double room   1/2     20.000-25.000
Double/Twin room    2        30.000
Room with 2 bedrooms    2        35.000
Luxe with Jacuzzi    2        40.000
Triple room/Luxe  3/4    30.000-45.000






Tufenkian Old Dilijan Complex

Available room type  Pax  Rate for a night
1st floor Suite     1          40.000
2nd floor Suite     1          45.000

Dilijan  Hotel Resort     

Available room type  Pax  Rate for a night
Single room    1         25.000
Double/ Deluxe    2    39.000-49.000
Suite/Family Suite   2/4    59.000-99.000
Cottages(3,4,5)   3/5   115.000-175.000
VIP    4           150.000






Dil-Hill Hotel

Available room type  Pax  Rate for a night
Single room    1         15.000
Doubl  room    2    21,340 – 22,000
Triple room    3    28,800 – 30,000





Casanova Guesthouse

Available room type  Pax  Rate for a night
Double/Twin (Building A)    2        25.000
Double/Twin (Building B)    2        20.000






Available room type       Pax    Rate for a night
Single room    1            10.000
Double room    2            14.000
Triple room    3            18.000






Available room type  Pax  Rate for a night
Standard Double room    2        20.000
Double room cottage    2        25.000
Triple room cottage    3        45.000





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