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Jermuk Health Resort

The famous Jermuk resort is located in the northeast of Vayots Dzor, on the headstream of Arpa River. The road to the resort city crosses through a narrow deep gorge. The city is embraced by forested slopes of magnificent mountain ranges. These forests are known for their wild pear, plum and apple-trees. Foxes, hares, badgers and even bears live in this forest.

The name “Jermuk” has originated from the Armenian word “jerm”, which is translated as warm. The Jermuk region has many springs of both fresh and mineral waters. The most famous springs in Jermuk are the warm mineral springs, which are comparable to the Karl-Var in Czech Republic or Zheleznovodsk in Russia and are classified as carbonic acid, hydrocarbonate-sulphate, chloride and magnesium waters.

This underground hot water is used for drinking, for bathing, for healing the stomach and intestines as well as gastroenteritis, abdominal, kidney and neurological diseases.

In addition to its hot springs, the Jermuk resort stands out with its mild climate. The cool bright days in summer, the blue sky in spring and fall are complemented by mild Jermuk winter with lots of snow and no wind. All this, and the fresh mountain air make the rest in Jermuk an exceptional experience.


Armenia Hotel

Available room type
 Pax  Rate for a night
Single Room  1    40.000-45.000
Double room  2    40.000-60.000




Olympia Hotel

Available room type
 Pax  Rate for a night
 Single room  1    20.000-25.000
Double/Twin room /Triple room  2/3    30.00060.000
Deluxe room /Luxe room  2    40.000-70.000
Family room  4    60.000-120.000
Apartment  2    70.000-90.000





Nairi Hotel

Available room type
 Pax  Rate for a night
 Single room  2       18,000
 Standard Double/Twin room  2    26.600-28.000
 Luxe Double room  2    30.400-32.000
Triple room  3    390900-42.000
 Family Quadruple room  4         56.000





N.1 Sanatorium

Available room type
 Pax  Rate for a night
 Single room  1       12,000
 Double/Twin room  2       22.000
 Tripe  room  3       33.000
 Quadruple /Luxe  room  4       48.000
Semi-Luxe room /Luxe with 2 room  2       24.000





Ararat Hotel

Available room type
 Pax  Rate for a night
Single /Double room /old repair/  1/2    9.000-17.000
Luxe Single/Vip  room   1 12.000-14.000
Luxe Double/Twin room /Luxe Triple room  2/3   22.000-55.000
VIP Double /Twin  room   2   25.000-39.000
Luxe /Vip Quadruple room   4   43.000-78.000






Evmari Guest House

Available room type
 Pax     Rate for a night
Double  room  2    7.000-12.000
 Quadruple room  2    10.000-20.000
 Quadruple duplex  2    12.000-24.000
 6 bed room  2    12.000-24.000





Jermuk Ashkharh

Available room type
 Pax  Rate for a night
 Single room  2      10,000
 Double  room  2      30.000
 Twin room  2      30.000
 Double/Twin room  2      20.000
 Double Luxe  2      30.000





Ani Hotel

Available room type
 Pax  Rate for a night
 Single Standard  room  2 15.000-20.000
Double/Luxe room  2 21.000-39.000
Quartle Luxe  4 61.000-78.000
Apartment  2 35.000-49.000
Twin room  2 23.000-31.000





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