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Hay Tour Tourism Agency,together with  is happy Regent Educational and Consulting Centre to announce the launch of the new and innovative joint project of Tour Guide Training Course in Armenia. The best specialists of their fields are involved in the project to provide high quality tour guide education. The course is designed both for individuals wishing to get start a new career and for those already involved in the tourism industry. We aim to encourage the participants as future tour guides to help the tourists to experience the magnificence of our country in a unique way. The course includes both class and fieldwork sessions to make the education procedure more interactive and insightful.

A free employment service will be offered on successful completion of the course: resume posting through our website and real job opportunities after passing interviews organized post the course.

          Basic Requirements:

1.      Knowledge of a foreign language

2.      High level of social communication skills

Course Duration:

6 months (3 times a week, 2 hours length)

Tuition Fee:

45.000 AMD (per month)

All trainees are required to attain a passing grade in all subjects to successfully complete the training.






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