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+374 41 501530

Apartments is located in the center of historical Yerevan, within 3 minutes walking distance to the Republic Square.
It is designed to meet the needs of Family and business travelers from all over the world.

Apartment 0005 - Mashtots ave. 13/1, Yerevan, RA

The apartment rentals are located in Yerevan.
The apartments, which are furnished, have been renovated. They are equipped with modern amenities and supplied with 24 hours of hot and cold running water. Linens and towels are also provided for you in the apartments.
The Utility costs such as water, electricity, heating and local phone calls (excluding cell phones) are included in the apartment rentals.


We guarantee the settlement of the accommodation chosen by you in accordance with the reservation confirmation and the contract of apartment booking which is introduced to you while making reservation.
All photos and descriptions of apartments on our site www.haytour.info fully correspond to their real state.
In exceptional cases, if the chosen option is engaged, we are ready to offer you an apartment as followed or a better one for the same money.
We are obliged to contact with the guest as soon as possible and agree on the new option of accommodation settlement.

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  • Price
    40 000 AMD
  • Address
    Mashtots ave. 13/1, Yerevan, RA
  • Floor
  • Rooms
  • Persons
  • Еquipment
  • Air conditioner
  • WiFi

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